It’s not something I lead with, so there’s never a formal apology. I don’t wander up and down store isles telling people, “I’m poor, please forgive me.”

Though maybe it is… sometimes my anxieties tell me others can trace the stench of poverty right down to my food choices. That…

Every google image result for “middle age” pulls images that look about like this, so I guess I’m middle age ish.

I know I’m not quite middle age, but I have this growing sense of non-excitement towards life.

No, this isn’t my chemical romance Mir, from 10th grade hanging in the gallows of my mind; hear me out…

Life isn’t shiny and new anymore.

New homes. New love. New jobs.


When a black girl cries, does anyone hear it?

I was afraid.

How many paces? Wandering across the unattended frontiers of my mind.

wild. Thirsty. Hungry.

Uninvited waves of emotion settling on my memories of you.

Minutes pass, I begin to realize my body is more afraid of the uncertainty of what it will do to me. …

Cash rules everything around me.

It does. I hate it.

Abraham Hicks would say you can’t get there from here.

Fine, money is like air. Neither good nor bad just there.

I just wanna know the rent is good.

I want to have plenty extra to buy something extra.


Miriam Gray

Mom • Writer • Entrepreneur • Curious Mind

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